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Halvasoft Calculator - First Edition free - For Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10

Halvasoft free software groups, God willing, your work from spring 1395 to design and produce a variety of free software has begun and In this regard, plans, applications and diverse, for free and in different countries of the world, to design and produce To be able, a small part The need for client software Is accountable and Also, if possible, By displaying ads in this application, The calculator application Halvasoft, One of the products of this group and Hope, Be able to, Users will be attracted satisfaction. Of course, now all the different parts of the site is not set up all of the pieces will be in the future.

Group free softwares Halvasoft
Designer and manufacturer : Hossein Akhtar Mohagheghi
Tehran - Iran
Spring 1395

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Group free software Halvasoft